Small Beginnings


I started making and selling jewelry at the age of 8.  It's all I have done.  In 1982 when I opened my store in Amarillo I was the only store focused on selling original design and re-styling client's jewelry using their gold and gemstones. After 32 years owning a boutique jewelry store I decided it was time to move back to Arkansas and slow my pace to by appointment only.   My goal was, and is, to always be learning. I am a jewelry designer, bench jeweler, gemologist and hand engraver  I am the only person who will touch your precious jewelry.  It never leaves my office. My goal to provide personal service, expert craftsmanship and quality materials has never changed.  I want to be your personal private jeweler.

Mcfarlin's jewelry




When I first designed jewelry I would sit with my client to sketch their vision of the design. I now use computer aided design so my client can see a photo quality image of their vision This program allows my client to make changes until it is exactly what he or she wants.