I am a by appointment - Private Jeweler for two reasons.   I like time to enjoy my hobbies and your time is valuable.  My office is centrally located near downtown Hot Springs.

Personal Diamond Broker.  -  I will personally find the exact diamond you are wanting that fits your budget and quality criteria at the best possible price.  We can travel together overseas to hand select your diamond or I can select the diamond you desire by contacting the best diamond dealer for your exacting standards.

Jewelry Design - Create an original design or restyle your old jewelry.  Every step of the jewelry design, wax carving, casting, gemstone setting and finishing is completed in my office. 

Jewelry Repair - Over 40 years experience as a bench jeweler. Same day service is available by appointment. Laser welder on site so I can perform repairs on jewelry containing gemstones such as opal, pearl, lapis that cannot be completed through conventional jewelry repair methods. 

Gemstone Verification Service - Due to the rise in online gemstone purchases, I will evaluate your online purchase to verify the gemstone stated on your receipt matches the gemstone you received. (please note: there is a charge for each gemstone I run through my gem lab) 

Jewelry Appraisals -  Retail Insurance Replacement -  Estate Appraisal Services - Antique Jewelry - Divorce Jewelry Valuations &  Trust Jewelry Appraisals - I am a Graduate Gemologist (Gemological Institute of America), Fellow of The Gemmological Association Of Great Britain and member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.  What does this mean to you? The highest standards of education and expert jewelry appraisal services. All insurance companies accept my appraisals.  Same day service available for up to 3 pieces 

Hand Engraving -  Expert hand engraving on jewelry, firearms and knives

McFarlin's Jewelry